Monastery of St. Gertrude




Saint Gertrude's Academy Alumni

The Sisters opened Saint Gertrude's Academy in 1928. Over the next 42 years they taught high school students from across the Camas Prairie.

SGA History

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This video was created in honor of the recent SGA All-School Reunion:



Class of 66

Class of 1966 with Vice-Principal J. H. Rickman, Superintendent Mother M. Augustine and Principal Sister M. Scholastica in front.

Mother Augustine

Mother M. Augustine offers advice to ASBA officers, Sherry Uhlenkott and Janice Eckholt.

Sister Joan

Sister M. Joan minds her bookkeeping students.








Student Government

Student Body Officers -- Secretary Kathy Crea, President Ken Perry, Vice-President Bill Hoene, Treasurer Bob Sonnen


The SGA Cheerleaders leap for joy over the last shot.



Teammates Ken Forsmann, Jim Smith and Bill Hoene.

Angelas Music Class

Melodious notes come from the Music Room as Sister M. Angela instructs members of SGA's first Tentet.











Patsy Schmidt and George Remington capturing the spotlight at a sockhop.



Rick Morris and Bob McWilliams studying.


Academy Fight Song
Listen to the Fight Song
 (MP3 format)

Faithful and true hearted.
Let us cheer our dear old High.
We'll revere her and defend her,
And her colors proudly fly.
We will stand for her united.
Of her deeds we'll gladly tell.
Her colors streaming,
Glad faces beaming,
Let's give a cheer for her,
That we love so well.

Loyal and ever faithful,
Let us cheer for our old High.
Let every heart sing.
Let every voice ring.
There's no time to grieve or sigh.
It's ever onward,
Our course pursuing.
May defeat ne'er,
Our ardor cool.
But united we will boost for our,
Old High School!

Clarissa Cheerleads

Our very own Clarissa Goeckner (left, along with Mary Lee Wemhoff and Clarice Haener) cheerleading in the Class of 1956.