Benedictines in the World

Bringing the Monastery to the world: A program for sharing Benedictine spirituality with all people

benedictMost people view monastic life as something for the rarified few, men and women who make life-time vows that separate them from the world. The reality is that Benedictine monastic life has been responding to the changing needs of the times for over 1,500 years.

The Monastery of St. Gertrude is responding to the desire of people beyond traditional monastic life for a deeper spirituality and relationship with God.

These programs might be for you if:

~ You long for a deeper spiritual life.

~ You experience your life as too busy and unbalanced.

~ You long for more time for prayer and contemplation but aren’t sure how to do it.

~ The idea of monastic life appeals to you though you don’t intend to enter a monastery.


Experiencing Monastic Life

angelShort-term, residential, volunteer Monastic Immersion Experience (live and volunteer at the monastery for scheduled times, work, attend prayer and classes)

~ short–term scheduled times

~ long term (9-12 months)

~ for caregivers with our elders


Resources for Action, Reflection, Connection

~ Canticle: Monastery newsletter, and e-news: Stay in touch with monthly updates. Subscribe…

~ St. Gertrude’s Facebook page

~ NEW! Monastic Mentors: Spend 8 weeks discussing a book on Benedictine spirituality with an oblate or sister

~ Learn about St. Benedict and St. Gertrude


Retreat Opportunities

~ Visit our retreat listings for Spirit Center to learn about upcoming opportunities for growing in Benedictine spirituality.

~ “God’s Delightful Voice” A do-it-yourself online only-retreat.



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Oblates: Living Benedictine Life in the World

The oblate community is composed of men and women, Catholic and Protestant, who commit to living Benedictine values in their lives as part of the Monastery of St. Gertrude. St. Gertrude’s oblates are members of the following area communities:

oblates~ North Puget Sound, Washington

~ South Puget Sound, Washington

~ Lewiston, Idaho

~ Camas Prairie, Idaho

~ Palouse (Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington)

~ Spokane, Washington

~ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

~ Boise, Idaho

~ Missoula, Montana

Learn more about our oblates


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