Art exhibits showing the works of sisters and the St. Gertrude’s arts community are displayed in the dining room hallway. The exhibit is changed annually at Advent and frequently features work from the Art Challenges.

Raspberry Festival take place on the first Sunday of August and features an art show showcasing the talents of our local community.

Our prioress, Sister Mary Forman, blesses the artwork and artists.

Blessing of the Art Show
by Sister Mary Forman, Prioress

Great Artist of the Universe, who has created our earth with such exquisite beauty and caused creatures to dwell on it, You have placed splendid gifts of artistry and creativity in your human creatures, to express Your wonder and awe and to give You praise.

Bless each artist and his and her creativity, which grace our hallway. May each one know Your special love and blessing, as manifested in their photographs, paintings, icons, quilts, and poetry. Just as You guided their hearts and minds to express some aspect of You in their creations, bless them and their families and friends with Joy and Goodness on this Gaudete –Joyful Advent Sunday. Bless also all, who will walk this way and be touched by Your Spirit speaking in and through these artistic expressions. We trust all this in the Name of the One, who is Wonder-Counselor and Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.