Fall Appeal 2017

Dear friend of the Monastery,

In these times I encounter person after person asking how he or she can be an ever more radiant light in the world. People are searching more deeply and praying more earnestly to be guided in how their unique calls can help transcend divisions and heal communities. Our Benedictine community asks ourselves the same questions and prays these same prayers.

How can a remote monastery in Idaho be a force for change and healing? By offering an enduring place of hospitality, beauty, and peace.

God calls us all in unique ways, where we are, and can take the seemingly meager offering of ourselves to create something powerful and good. Over 1,500 years ago, St. Benedict was guided to look beyond his turbulent age to  form stable communities that were protected places for prayer, learning, and culture.

We are engaged in the same call.

Through our commitments to hospitality, simplicity, and peacemaking, we welcome nearly 20,000 people each year from the Pacific Northwest and beyond — people who find change and healing through our many ministries. They experience growth through retreats, learn about the past and gain broader perspectives through the Historical Museum exhibits and lectures, find courage and joy through the many arts programs and events, are renewed by Benedictine hospitality at our Inn, engage in works for social justice, join us for Mass and prayer, and much more. Our annual presentations include the Gonzaga University Concert Choir, authors and artists from around the region, noted faith teachers, and numerous opportunities for building community.

Please consider a donation that will support us in serving the thousands who visit us each year for transformation and renewal.

We support people to live the transformative power of Benedictine spirituality through our oblate community, volunteer program, Monastic Immersion Experiences, artist-in-residence program, vocation ministries, and more. People return to their communities more connected to God, more inspired, more rested, more peaceful — brighter than before. In their hometowns near and far, people are sharing their transformations as leaders, coworkers, neighbors, family members, and friends.

Your support helps sustain this sacred place, welcome more people to the quiet of our hillside, and grow the expanding community of prayer that includes sisters at home and on mission, oblates in nine area groups throughout the Pacific Northwest, and you. God is ampifying our monastery in new and unexpected ways. Thank you for being a part of all this grace.

Your sister in Christ,

Sister Mary Forman, O.S.B., Prioress