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The Creative Word: A Contemplative Retreat for Writers, November 6-10, 2017, Monday 7:30 pm to Friday 1:30 pm

Engage your call to write and explore new sources of inspiration in community with others seeking to go deeper with their writing. Focus on your craft within the daily rhythm of life in a Benedictine monastery with generous time allowed for solitude and renewal. No experience necessary. All levels welcome. Facilitators: Nancy Collins-Warner, Cheryl Johnson, and Theresa Henson. Suggested donation: $350 single / $300 each shared


“I am in retreat with Esther deWaal, who says, ‘If poetry is the way you pray, you had better pay attention!’ I engaged with Poetry as Spiritual Practice (McDowell) during a three-week writer’s retreat. I take Advanced Poetry Writing with a poet, practice the craft. I sort through making poems as my spiritual practice, and the siren-song of “becoming a poet” as defined by literary culture. I become more intuitive. I am clearer and surer about my spiritual path. Every day I put pen to paper. Sometimes I seek clarification, revelation. Sometimes the gift of inspiration is given. I am always grateful.” ~ Nancy Collins-Warner



“After a career in teaching, I am now retired and can write at leisure. It is both a blessing and a terror. It came home one morning as I composed a poem—what am I writing for? Not for tenure. Not for a journal. I kept writing. Like a rustling in the brush, a presence arose and something shifted. My pilgrimage began. Since then, I have explored word, image and how spiritual practice raises questions: what does it mean that we are created in God’s image? How does the Eucharist reflect practice? Do I create with the Divine? Do rite and solitude enhance creativity?  How does the in-dwelling Spirit reveal the holy?” ~ Cheryl Johnson




“I believe writing can be a form of praise — a way to affirm and lift up and be grateful. This practice also helps me exit confusion, disorientation, and discouragement. My life feels more fully lived if I am regularly responding in words.” ~ Theresa Henson,




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