Retreat – Poetry for the Spiritual Journey

Poetry for the Spiritual Journey, November 17-19, 2017, Friday 7:30 pm to Sunday 1:30 pm

In this weekend retreat, we will explore how poetry can connect us more deeply with ourselves, the world around us, and to the sacred. Looking at multiple spiritual traditions, we will see how poetry has always been tied to connecting us with the sacred. Whether poetry is a lifelong friend or totally new to you, discover how it can enrich your daily life.Through writing, art exploration, and reading we will experience how poetry teaches us to become more mindful and attentive to our inner voice and inspiration. We will use a variety of methods including meditation, recitation, and mindfulness techniques to relate to the many facets of what poetry can offer. This retreat will feature periods of group activity and sharing, as well as personal time to explore on your own.No previous writing experience is necessary to discover how poetry can enrich your daily life.

Jory Mickelson is a writer, editor, and educator whose work has been published widely in print and online. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Idaho. He is a licensed Preacher and Eucharistic Minister with the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia. He lives in Bellingham, Washington.



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