Retreat – Spiritual Directors

October 17-20, 2017, Tuesday 7:30 pm to Friday 1:30 pm

Reflecting on the context of your spiritual journey…

Knowing where we have come from can be helpful in thinking about where we are going. Our particular focus for the day will provide participants with a two-pronged approach to reviewing our life journeys.

First, we will have an opportunity to reflect upon how the context in which we have each lived has an impact upon our experiences of God and our spirituality. How does our own story fashion our answers to such questions as: Who is God for me? What does God ask of me in life? What key events in the course of my life have touched me most deeply? How have the events in the wider society helped create the person I have become? How do all of these pieces play into my personal need for conversion? After some initial input, we will have time to contemplate God’s unique presence in our personal stories. Hopefully, this will also provide a tool that could be helpful to our directees as they discern God’s presence and guidance in their stories.

The second theme will address the challenging questions of how the social and cultural context of our lives enters into and affects our spiritual journey. Related to that is the question: Why impact does Jesus’ central emphasis on the coming of the Reign of God in the real world have on us as we seek to be faithful disciples? Given the issues of our contemporary context, how do we live toward that reality?

Facilitators: Spirituality Ministry team

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